Experience managing a team of UX and UI designers

Whilst Team Lead at British Airways I managed a team of 6 UX/UI designers across ba.com and mobile app. I assisted the UX manager in building the team and had an active role in both interviewing and hiring staff. As well as hiring staff it was also my responsibility to carry out performance reviews with members of my team that were permanent employess, as well as reviewing the performance of each contractor on the team ahead of contract renewals/terminations. Upon leaving BA I worked at TUI where I led a team that consisted of 3 designers, 2 of which were UI designers and 1 that was a UX designer.

Animation at Monzo

Growing Monzo Flex

Whilst at Monzo I had the opportunity to animate their new illustration set in order to bring more moments of delight to the Monzo app. A key part of my role at Monzo was to drive growth on their Flex product, so I created a video to promote Monzo Flex using Adobe After Effects. This video was created to promote Flex to Monzo customers in the Monzo app as well to be used on social media to attract new customers.

British Airways App Redesign

Team Lead and Design Lead for Apps and Wearables

During my 3 years at BA I implemented a complete redesign of both iOS and Android apps.

The app received good feedback in initial teesting with customers easily able to see the important information surrounding their flight at a glance and all customers liked that the key call to action was positioned in the centre of the screen. The app was well received by customers with average customer reviews on the Apple App store going from 3* to 4.5* and the Android rating going from 2* to 4.5* and would eventually feature in Apple's marketing campaigns.

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Wireframe and design of BA app home screen

British Airways Sales Journey

Revenues in excess of £250m

When I joined BA in 2013 the app relied on the webview to sell flights. In a bid to increase revenue I designed the entire process of a completely native flight selling experience. All of the animation that you see, I designed using only Keynote, and the idea behind the motion choreography is to direct the users attention to the key points of information along the way.

The continue button is always placed at the bottom of the screen, allowing the user to rhythmically continue through the flow. I chose to show the sharp image of the destination initially to help build the users excitement. Blurring the image not only allows the content to become accessible, it makes the user feel that the destination is just out of reach and only becomes clear again once their flight is confirmed.

British Airways Apple Watch Launch

Lead the design for BA's Apple Watch and my designs were featured as the headline app for Apple's marketing campaigns in the UK across both TV and digital. I was lucky enough to go to Apple's Head office in Cupertino for a 2 day workshop on the Apple Watch before the watch came out. My designs were later featured in Vogue for an Apple Watch advert, allowing me to put "as seen in Vogue" on my CV!

BA Apple Watch example

Qualitative research

I have extensive experience both running the observation room and moderating customer testing. Whilst at TUI I convinced senior management to approve funding for their first ever lab user testing and we immediately discovered problems with the navigatibility of the app. Whilst at British Gas I conducted a user testing session at least once a month in our onsite lab, testing with 5-6 users each session and compiling a report of the days findings that would be used to adjust designs and influence the roadmap.

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Quantitative research

I create journey maps using quant data from both Google Analytics and Adoble analytics to look for potential UX issues as well as to monitor the success of the products that I work on. Since working at British Gas I've saved the company an estimated £1m by improving the signposting to relevant FAQs. This estimation has been calculated by taking the average cost of a customer call and multiplying it by the traffic to the contact pages.

Prototype icons


Experience prototyping using Axure, Keynote, Invision, Marvel and Protopie.

When working with mobile apps, prototyping becomes even more difficult. There are certain gestures and interactions that users can do on mobile apps that simply can't be created using prototyping tools such as Marvel, Invision, Keynote and Axure. I decide which prototyping tool to use based on the needs of the task, for instance if a user needs to be able to swipe and see animation, then I'll use keynote. If a user needs to filter through a database, then I'll be more likely to use Axure. You can see an example of one of my Protopie Prototypes to gain an idea of my prototyping skills. In the prototype you are able to scroll and see a breakdown of your spending each month. You will need a password to view this Prototype.

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Running Workshops and Design Sprints

I have experience running design sprints and workshops that focus on bringing the team together with stakeholders and focusing on trying to solve a problem. Stakeholder management is a particular strength of mine and in my opinion the best way to win around a stakeholder is to try and include them in the process as early as possible.

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